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Best of 2005 Update 
8th-Feb-2006 12:18 pm
Its been playing for a while, but I cuoldn't get on here to update...

The Best Of 2005!
- says me!

Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth: My favourite album of 2005, I think! Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, Let There Be Love and Mucky Fingers
Louis XIV - Best Little Secrets Are Kept: Louis XIV, Pledge Of Alliegence
Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams: Jack Johnson should have been the artist of the year. Crying, Waiting, Wishing, Mud Football, If I could
The Cribs - The New Fellas: Loads better than Hard-Fi! Martell
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better: Eleanor, Put Your Boots On, Walkaway
Maximo Park - I forget the name of thier album!: The Night I Lost My Head, The Coast Is Always Changing
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan: The best White Stripes album?Blue Orchid
Foo Fighters - In Your Honour: Still, Friend Of A Friend
Kubb - Mother: Wicked Soul
The Redwalls - De Nova: Falling Down, The Glory Of War, Rock and Roll
The Dandy Warhols - Odditorium or The Warlords Of Mars: New Country,Intro
The Stands - Horse Feathers: Do It Like You Like
The Kaiser Chiefs - Employment: Na Na Na Na Naa
Paul McCartney - Chaos And Creation In The BAckyard: Jenny Wren
Editors - The Back Room: Blood
Paul Weller - As It Is Now: From The Floorboards Up
Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang: Rain Fall Down

That list isn't exhaustable, but not a bad crop for 2005, eh?

Next month there will be more sixties and rock to balance it out! :)

Also on the playlist:

The Arctic Monkeys: Well, you have tobe playing it don't you? Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But..., Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure, Sun Goes Down
The Kooks: The Kooks have an amazing album out at the moment that is being wrongly overshadowed by The Arctic Monkeys - It's called Inside Out Inside In - Go buy it! Jackie Big Tits, You Don't Love Me

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